Aircraft Showcase

August gets off to a flying start with Aircraft Showcase “Fighters” on August 6th, the Spitfire, Wirraway and Doug Hamilton’s P-40 Kittyhawk will fill the winter skies over Temora for some fantastic aerobatic and handling displays. “Trainers to Fighters” Aircraft Showcase is scheduled for August 20th, a huge line up of Aircraft will include the Boomerang, Spitfire, Harvard, Ryan and Winjeel.

Aircraft Showcase is not just about the aircraft, it’s an interactive experience for the entire family to enjoy. With a pilot or special guest Q&A session “Winging It” in the morning prior to the flying program, and an Engineering Hangar talk after the flying allow spectators the opportunity to chat with the display pilots and engineers who keep some of the world’s rarest aircraft in flying condition.

50th Commemoration of the Battle of Long Tan

A national Vietnam War commemorative service will be held in Canberra on August 18th marking the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan which took place on 18 August 1966. It was the most costly single battle fought by Australian soldiers in the Vietnam War, involving 105 Australians and three New Zealanders from D Company 6RAR and more than 2,000 enemy troops. A total of 17 Australians were killed in action and 25 were wounded, one of whom later died of his wounds.

Temora Aviation Museum has been asked to take part in this commemoration and our engineering team has been working to bring our Vietnam workhorse, the Cessna O-2A “Oscar Deuce” back online for participation in a flypast. Our O-2A flew more than 4100 hours in military service and is painted in the markings of RAAF Flying Officer David Robson who was seconded to the United States Air Force as a Forward Air Controller during the Vietnam War. Under the call sign “Jade 07”, FLGOFF Robson flew over 240 missions and controlled over 80 air strikes in support of Australian troops.

For more information about the Commemoration of the Battle of Long Tan visit the Department of Veteran Affairs website.

2016 Open for Business Expo to be hosted at the Museum

The Temora Aviation Museum is pleased to announce that the Temora Business Enterprise Group (TBEG) will be holding their annual Open for Business Expo at the Museum next month, September 3rd. This of course coincides with Aircraft Showcase – Fighters to Bombers, so spectators attending Aircraft Showcase on that day will get the bonus of checking out the Expo and all of its offerings.

The 2016 Open for Business Expo aims to provide all attendees with a deeper knowledge of what is available locally. With a mix of stall holders ranging from schools, community groups and health care facilities, to food and beverage vendors, real estate agents and retailers, the 2016 Open for Business Expo welcomes all visitors and local residents to come along, explore, and discover something you didn’t know about the Temora business community!

Museum Marketing Manager Peter Harper said, “The Museum is excited to partner with TBEG in bringing the Expo to the local community and also the wider community, including those visiting the Museum and Temora for the first time. The Temora business community has so much to offer, so it is a great opportunity to display this at the Museum in conjunction with Aircraft Showcase”.