Now that the holiday break is over, everyone is getting back into the swing of aircraft maintenance and preparing for our next Flying Weekend, which is on Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th February 2008.

Visitors will be able to experience the Museum’s collection in action over that weekend, with displays anticipated by the Tiger Moth, Wirraway, Hudson, Dragonfly, Vampire, Meteor, Spitfires and Canberra.


The Boomerang and Cessna 0-2A are currently undergoing their annual inspections.

The Boomerang’s engine cowlings have been removed to facilitate inspection of the engine including checking the spark plugs and the magneto timing. The aircraft will soon be placed on jacks so a thorough operational check of the undercarriage can be carried out.

The Boomerang’s red nose, or the spinner, as it is more accurately known has also been removed to inspect the propeller hub. Under the supervision of Aircraft Engineer Jason Cockayne, Apprentice Aircraft Engineer Mitch Liebich is currently concentrating on the wing attachment points, making sure they are secure and free from defects.

Cowls from around the front and rear of the Museum’s Cessna 0-2A have been removed so that the engines are accessible for the Engineers to carry out an annual inspection. The interior seats and lining have also all been removed to gain access to the control cables to check for any defects, and to ensure the undercarriage retract mechanism is working correctly. Further tasks in the 0-2’s inspection to be accomplished before it can fly again include an inspection of the flying controls and the wheels, tyres and brakes.

These aircraft should be ready to fly for the upcoming Flying Weekend on 9th & 10th February. Keep a look out for them!