Bomber Attack is the theme for Saturday’s Aircraft Showcase and leading the charge will be the Hudson Bomber piloted by a regular here at Temora, Doug Hamilton. Pete Pring-Shambler will be assisting Doug as co-pilot while they demonstrate the graceful manoeuvrers which this big bomber is renowned for. The T-28 Trojan will then perform before we close out the flying with an action packed display by President and Founder of the Temora Aviation Museum David Lowy in the Cessna A-37B Dragonfly. For those of you who have not witnessed this display, it is something which should not be missed. The Cessna A-37B Dragonfly is an all-metal, retractable gear, low wing twin turbojet powered aircraft and is one of the most powerful aircraft in the Museums collection when considering power to weight ratio. This aircraft weighs in at just 2,843 kg empty is capable of speeds of up to 778 km/h enabling David to demonstrate the aircraft in such a way that it is a must see for anyone with an interest in aviation. All three of the aircraft being flown during the Showcase are combat veterans with the Hudson serving during WWII and the T-28 and A-37 serving in Vietnam.

Ensure you arrive when the gates open at 10am to capture the entire experience of Aircraft Showcase which begins with the feature film of the day. This will be simulcast in the Display Hangar and Theatre. At the completion of the movie its time to find your place on the flight line as the pilots and engineers will commence the pre-flight checks; the pilot will also give you the closest experience possible of what is required in flight preparation. Each pilot will talk you through his pre-flight checks and highlight some of the intricacies involved with these warbirds.

In keeping with the Showcase theme, engineers Justin Anderson and Martin Lancaster will have on hand two cut-a-way engines. One example is the General Electric J85-17A axial flow turbojet which powers the Cessna A-37B Dragonfly. The other cut-a-way engine is similar to the one in the Hudson and shows the unique construction techniques which radial engines utilise. Visitors will be able to see the engines working and witness the internal working of a radial piston engine and an axial flow turbojet engine.

The weather forecast is for mild temperatures around 20 degrees. The Museum’s Mess Hall will have the BBQ running so you don’t have to worry about packing the picnic basket.