The Wirraway at Temora Aviation Museum is currently undergoing its annual inspection. The Museum engineers have removed the panels and cowling from the nose and one side of the aircraft to expose the engine and fuselage so it can be thoroughly inspected.

In addition to minor maintenance, Chief Engineer Peter Pring-Shambler explains that the following things are checked during an annual inspection:
•   Engine; to make sure it is running properly
•   Spark plugs and oil filters
•   Airframe structure; looking for cracks, distortion and corrosion
•   Electrical system and hydraulic system; to make sure they are working correctly
•   Brakes, wheels and tyres

The structure of the Wirraway is an amazingly intricate system of framework. Attached to this are cables, control rods, hydraulic pipes and wiring. The following photos show the Wirraway with its side panels and engine cowling removed.