The annual inspection of the Museum¹s newly acquired Boomerang is nearing completion. The Temora Aviation Museum Engineering team have been working on this aircraft for the past week to ensure that it is ready to fly on December 2nd and 3rd.

An inspection of the Boomerang is made up of many different elements. These include checking the airframe eg. Making sure all grease points on the undercarriage system are lubricated; checking the fuselage and internal structure for damage and corrosion and checking that the cable systems are functioning correctly; the tail unit is inspected for signs of cracks, wear and security of its attachment points, with similar inspections carried out on the wings; looking over the cockpit eg. checking correct operation of the canopy and rudder pedal; checking flight controls for free movement; inspecting the fuel system for signs of leakage; checking instruments for correct operation and inspecting the electrical systems to make sure batteries, circuit breakers and switches are working correctly.

The engine is given an oil change, the spark plugs are removed and cleaned and the whole engine is inspected for damage and corrosion. It is given a full power run on the ground to make sure it is operating correctly.