The Canberra’s annual inspection is now complete and the aircraft has returned to the display hangar. Engine runs were carried out in the final stages of the Canberra’s annual inspection to check for leaks and to ensure that the performance of the engines were up to specification. Test flying of the Canberra will be undertaken next week, in time for a return to Museum Flying Days, which are coming up soon on Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 August.

The Lockheed Hudson has now moved from the display hangar into the engineering hangar at the Museum, where it is now undergoing its annual inspection. It is expected that the Hudson will be ready for the August 5 & 6 Flying Days.


The 7,500 sq m aircraft tarmac, that features additional taxiways, is progressing at great speed. Works are nearly complete and are developing in conjunction with the new sub division on the aerodrome, Temora Aviation Estate. For more information on the estate, visit the Temora Shire Council website.