The Temora Aviation Museum is pleased to announce that HARS is bringing their Caribou to Temora for display during this Saturdays Aircraft Showcase Day. Twelve months ago the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS) took delivery of two Caribous, including A4-210, part of the long but rewarding process of preparing one of the RAAF’s most important aircraft for a second life in the civilian world.

This will be an opportunity not to be missed as anyone who has seen a Caribou display would agree. One of its great virtues is its capability to operate from relatively rough dirt strips that cannot be accessed by other military transports. This light ‘footprint’ has been lacking in any of the Caribou’s successors. The aircraft was used by the RAAF for flare-dropping missions, medical evacuation, search and rescue and paratroop training exercises, but the main task was the airlift of troops, civilians, supplies, ammunition, mail and food.

The HARS organisation will generously allow visitors to walk through this unique aircraft and will have team of knowledgeable volunteer pilots and engineer’s on-hand to show folks through the aircraft and answer any questions.

Also flying on Saturday will be the T-28 Trojan, Harvard & Cessna A37-B Dragonfly. Unfortunately the Sabre, which was originally scheduled to fly this Saturday, will remain in the workshop due to current maintenance requirements. The remainder of the Museum’s aircraft collection will be on static display in the Display Hangar with those participating in the flying program available for a closer inspection as part of the popular Engineering Hangar Talk.

Perfect weather is forecast for Saturday and with the addition of the Caribou to complement the already impressive collection of aircraft a great day out is guaranteed. So pack your hat, sunglasses and sunscreen and make your way to the Temora Aviation Museum, bring a picnic or enjoy the fully catered Mess Hall facilities for a great day out.