The first Flying Weekend for 2007 begins Saturday 17th February. Most of the Museum’s aircraft will be flying over the weekend including appearances by the Tiger Moth, Ryan, Boomerang, Canberra, Vampire, Meteor and Hudson. The Spitfire Mk XVI will fly on Saturday and the Mk VIII will fly on Sunday.

The Historical Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS) are planning to fly the PBY Catalina to Temora to participate in both Saturday and Sunday’s events. HARS’ Catalina is an imposing aircraft. It registers at 19.45 metres in length and has a wing span of 31.7 metres, and is able to carry up to 28 people. Due to the amount of people it was able to transport, Qantas purchased nineteen Catalinas between January and October 1941. They would convey important persons as passengers traveling overseas. Their most notable route was the ‘Double Sunrise Service’ direct from Perth to Ceylon, it was the only form of personnel transport between Australia, Europe and America during the war. The Catalina is actually termed an amphibian, as it is able to land on both land and water, hence the name, Catalina Flying Boat. It’s longest non-stop flight was recorded at 31 hrs and 45 minutes. We look forward to the Catalina attending. Unfortunately HARS are unable to bring their Super Constellation as it has gone in for maintenance. Look out for it at a future Temora Aviation Museum Flying Day.

If you are planning a visit to the Museum this weekend remember to bring appropriate clothing for your protection from the harsh Australian weather.

Bring the whole family along to witness at close range the Museum’s historic aircraft exhibit in the skies over the Museum. Gates open at 10.00 am with flying continuing until 3pm and gates closing at 4.00 pm.