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Warbirds Downunder 2020 Now in 2021! Thank you for your patience whilst we rescheduled Warbirds Downunder 2020. We are thrilled to announce the new event dates of Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th March 2021. We hope this new date suits existing ticket holders. If it [...]

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November 2019 E- Newsletter


Edinburgh Airshow 2019 The Temora Aviation Museum team was thrilled to accompany the RAAF’s Cessna A-37 Dragonfly, Spitfire MkVIII, Hudson Bomber, CAC Boomerang and Gloster Meteor, (piloted by Darren Crabb, Guy Bourke, Doug Hamilton, Scott Taberner and Mark Skidmore) to the Edinburgh Airshow on 9th & 10th November. [...]

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Warbirds Downunder Airshow 2020 Dates Released


As a loyal fan I wanted to ensure you heard it here first – this day next year we will be celebrating Warbirds Downunder 2020! WARBIRDS DOWNUNDER 2020 – EVENT DATES Lock in the event dates: SATURDAY 17th and SUNDAY 18th of October 2020 That’s [...]

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August 2019 E-Newsletter


RAAF Update On 1 July 2019 the Temora Aviation Museum was honoured to transfer ownership of 11 historically significant aircraft to the Royal Australian Air Force. As the RAAF approach’s their Centenary in 2021, this agreement will ensure that these historic aircraft can continue [...]

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Warbirds Downunder 2018: 1 week to go!


Warbirds Downunder 2018 is just one week away and we are excited to be welcoming you to Temora very soon! The countdown is officially on for Warbirds Downunder 2018 and the finishing touches are being put on the venue. Our aircraft [...]

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August 2018 E-News


WARNING: Unauthorised Warbirds Downunder 2018 Tickets It has come to our attention that ticketing reseller, Viagogo, is advertising and selling unauthorised Warbird Downunder 2018 tickets at inflated prices and with incorrect information. We have contacted Fair Trading about this and it seems that we are [...]

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Warbirds Downunder 2018: New Silver Passes Released


Additional Silver Pass Seats Released Due to the high demand for Premium Tickets to the Warbirds Downunder Airshow on October 12th & 13th 2018, we are thrilled to announce that we are creating an additional Silver Pass Grandstand. This new grandstand will be located adjacent to [...]

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Warbirds Downunder 2018: Premium Tickets Available


If you missed out on acquiring Premium Tickets for Warbirds Downunder 2018, you now have the opportunity to secure some fantastic seats. Due to a recent cancellation, we now have a limited number of 2-Day Gold Passes and 2-Day Flightline Premium Grandstand tickets available. For [...]

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Warbirds Downunder 2018: Tickets are live!


Tickets are now officially live to the general public for your Warbirds Downunder 2018 experience! Please invite your friends, family and anyone you think would be interested to join us for the largest gathering of Warbird Aircraft in the Southern Hemisphere this October 12th & [...]

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March 2018 E-News


Warbirds Downunder 2018: Tickets Released April 10th 2018 at 9am AEST Warbirds Downunder is set to take place on Friday 12th and Saturday 13th October 2018, and will again be one of the hottest tickets on the airshow scene! The very popular Premium tickets, along with [...]

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Scheduling of Warbirds Downunder Airshow


Scheduling of Warbirds Downunder Airshow Planning for the next Warbirds Downunder Airshow in Temora NSW is about to commence said the Chief Executive Officer of the Temora Aviation Museum, Mr Murray Kear. Mr Kear said “For those who attended the November 2015 event in Temora [...]

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