The next Temora Aviation Museum flying weekend is rapidly approaching with all staff preparing for what promises to be another spectacular round of displays.

The aircraft engineering team have been re-assembling the Spitfire Mk XVI which will fly on September 16 & 17 in formation with the Museum’s Spitfire Mk VIII. This will be a truly unique event. It is believed that Australia has not seen a formation of Spitfires in the sky since the late 1940’s.

On the September Flying Weekend Temora Aviation Museum and Temora Shire Council will celebrate the achievements of the Museum during its first five years and mark the official opening on runway 05 / 23 at Temora Aerodrome.

The Royal Australian Air Force is supporting this momentous weekend by sending the Roulettes Formation Aerobatic Team on Saturday 16th September. The Roulettes have participated in the flying at Temora before and always put on a amazing show.

So prepare now for a visit to the Temora Aviation Museum’s September Flying Weekend, so that you don’t miss out on this historic occasion.