Temora Aviation Museum is celebrating a successful flying weekend on March 27th and 28th. The Museum flew many airplanes from it’s collection including the Canberra, Meteor, Dragonfly, Cessna O-2A and Spitfire. Lars Larson made his debut in the Tiger Moth with a streamer cut. The streamer cut is achieved by releasing a roll of toilet paper from the aircraft so that it forms a long streamer. The pilot then manoeuvres the aircraft back and forth through the streamer until, in the interest of safety, no more passes are possible. Matt Denning participated in the show with his magnificent CA-13 Boomerang. Matt has kindly left his airplane on display at the Museum and will be back to participate in our April 24th & 25th flying days.

Special guests at the Museum recently was Dick Smith and Chuck Yeager. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Chuck, he holds the honour of being the first man to break the speed of sound. Both gentlemen joined us for the flying displays and consented to being interviewed by our very own Peter Anderson. Dick and Chuck also posed for photographs and signed autographs for a lucky few.

The Museum is now working towards our next flying weekend on April 24th & 25th. We are anticipating that the Wirraway will be back in the air after receiving a new paint job, and the Vampire will also be airborne again. This will be a very special weekend as it coincides with Anzac Day on the Sunday. To allow our crew and visitors to attend Anzac services we have amended our flying times as follows:
Saturday 24th April:
Museum opens 10am Flying Starts 11am Museum Closes 4pm
Sunday 25th April:
Museum opens 10am Flying Starts 12.30pm Museum Closes 4pm

Temora RSL holds an excellent Anzac service at the Temora Cenotaph on Loftus Street which will feature a flyby from the Museum Spitfire, Wirraway and Matt Denning’s Boomerang. The service will include an address by Museum pilot and retired Air Commodore Bruce Wood.

We hope you will all be able to join us for this special weekend.