Temora Aviation Museum is a proud supporter of “Spitfire Guardians” a new documentary film screening on The History Channel for Remembrance day November 11, premiering at 6.30pm QLD time, 7.30pm AEDST. Featuring narration by Charles ‘Bud’ Tingwell, rare WWII archive footage, and of course Temora’s MKVIII Grey Nurse Spitfire.

The echoes of war rippled throughout the world in 1939, reaching the ears of young men eager to prove their worth in the coming battle. Engineers, bankers, farmers and schoolboys answered the call. Hundreds of thousands entered service for their country.

The Supermarine Spitfire was the pinnacle of fighter plane technology at that time, capturing the imagination of the people for its valiant defense of England in the Battle of Britain. The Spitfire fought in every major theater of war, from the deserts of the Middle East, the jungles of Burma, the scrub of Australia, the skies of England and France, and the islands of the Pacific and Mediterranean. The experiences of the pilots involved in the Battle of Britain are well documented, what is not well documented is the varied experiences of the Australian men who were trained then scattered to the far corners of the globe. Their only knowledge was of their job, their trust in their ground crew and the Spitfire fighter aircraft.

Spitfire Guardians has captured their essence, their pain, sorrow, joy and affection. Narrated by Charles ‘Bud’ Tingwell, their stories are from a time of uncertainty, their world a cockpit and gun sight. Even today the Spitfire still captures the imagination of generations, the men who flew and maintained it are part of a select few who understand its true charisma.

Australian Premiere 11 November 2007
Directed by Simon Van Der Spoel