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About Our Education Experiences

Temora Aviation Museum offers tour experiences for school students of all ages, which are designed to challenge students in the areas of History and Science.

Students and teachers will be teamed up with enlightening tour guides will deliver an informative experience for students as they learn about the history of Australia’s ex-military aircraft and the involvement of the Royal Australian Air Force in various conflicts throughout history.

Large classes will be split into groups of 20-30 students to ensure that students receive a personalised experience.

A per student admission fee is payable, with supervising teachers and coach drivers admitted free. Accommodation and meal packages are also available.

Excursion Risk Management Plan

How to Book

Contact the Museum today and speak with our friendly staff who will assist you in organising your unique experience at the Temora Aviation Museum. You can phone us on (02) 6977 1088, or email us at info@aviationmuseum.com.au

Education – Frequently Asked Questions

Is there disabled access?2017-02-15T10:36:17+10:00

Some of the site is accessible by wheelchair but not all of it. Disabled toilets are available. Please indicate on your booking form if you have any students with special needs.

Is there parking?2016-11-24T10:23:56+10:00
There is free parking in the main parking lot for cars, buses and coaches.
What measures are in place to ensure the safety of the children whilst at the Temora Aviation Museum?2017-03-02T16:43:00+10:00

The Temora Aviation Museum is a unique site and students will be instructed to stay behind rope barricades and not touch the aircraft. Our Safety and Risk management documentation is available for download. Teachers should read this document carefully and understand the risks and responsibilities involved.

We would appreciate if for every ten students there is one adult (not including the Temora guide). All visitors should wear appropriate clothing, sunscreen, hats, and closed-toe shoes.

Does Temora Aviation Museum have a teacher/guardian ratio policy?2018-01-12T08:50:21+10:00
To insure safety, management and an overall quality educational experience, we ask that school groups maintain a ratio of one (1) supervising adult per ten (10) students. 30 students is the maximum number for any one guide, unless arranged beforehand. Minimum number for excursions is generally 20 students. If you have fewer students, please contact us to make arrangements.
What happens on the day of the excursion?2017-03-02T16:49:57+10:00
Tour Guides will meet you at the bus in front of the Gift Shop entrance for the commencement of the experience. Once students have alighted from the buses (or have arrived by other means) they will be provided with an introduction to the site and will need to participate in a brief activity focusing on the rules associated with their visit to the Temora Aviation Museum.
What time do school groups usually arrive if they are participating in a program in the morning?2017-03-02T16:44:00+10:00
This is up to the organising teacher but appointments start at 9.30am.
Is it possible for school groups to have recess or lunch on the grounds of the Temora Aviation Museum before or after the tour?2018-01-12T08:52:34+10:00
Yes, we encourage school groups to do so because having some downtime on-site helps to integrate the learning and makes for a more meaningful overall experience. Please discuss this with our staff at info@aviationmuseum.com.au.
Our Gift Shop sells hot and cold drinks, confectionary and ice cream every day. Otherwise, there are no outlets for the purchase of food or drink nearby. Please let us know if you would like an excursion package with morning tea or a light take-away lunch for teachers and/or students. Otherwise, visitors should come prepared with food and water.
Can we have morning tea or lunch during the tour?2016-11-24T10:20:30+10:00

The time allotted for the tours does not include time for morning tea, recess, or lunch. We recommend students eat before or after the tour.

How long should we plan on staying on-site?2017-03-02T16:51:54+10:00
If the group is staying for morning tea or lunch, this usually takes place in the picnic area. We generally recommend 30 minutes to 1 hour in addition to the time required for the tour. Please let us know at the time of booking.
How long is the tour?2018-01-12T12:14:11+10:00

Our Education Experiences are generally 1.5 hours in length, however we can tailor the time to suit the needs of your group.

How many students can participate in the education tours at one time?2017-03-02T16:53:49+10:00

We can cater for groups of up to 120 with 60 on-site and the remaining group participating off-site. Groups are rotated after the lunch break.