Welcome to 2019!

The team at the Temora Aviation Museum hope that you had a great Christmas and a wonderful start to the New Year! We are busy as usual at the Museum, getting ready for the year ahead, and we look forward to sharing it with you.
Avalon 2019 Logo

Avalon International Airshow 2019

The Airshow season is on! ✈️✈️😎
We are thrilled to be taking our Lockheed Hudson, Cessna A-37B Dragonfly, Supermarine Spitfire Mk XVI and CA-13 Boomerang to participate in the Australian International Airshow at Avalon, March 1st-3rd.
There will be historic aircraft from the classic years of aviation and the technology of tomorrow with special insights into space exploration and man’s foray into the final frontier.
See their website for more details.

English Electric Canberra Update

We are excited to share our Canberra maintenance updates with you ✈️⚒️
– The bomber now has all flight control surfaces refitted along with the vertical tail fin and horizontal tail-plane.
– The flight control systems have been rigged and full functional tests carried out.
– The undercarriage has been reassembled and retraction tests have gone smoothly.
– Work is now in progress to remove minor corrosion in the wheel wells, bomb bay and aft fuselage.
– The Avon engines are currently being inspected and parts replaced as necessary.
– One engine is currently having NDT (non destructive testing) on the compressor section assembly.
– The combustion chamber fuel nozzles have had flow tests carried out.
It’s possible that the engines might be finished by July or August 😎

Canberra Maintenance Update 2

2019 Showcase Dates

We hope you’ve been missing the smell of jet fuel and the roar of engine ignition, because it’s time to spread our vintage wings and add more flying hours to our warbird fleet! We can’t wait to welcome you back for some awesome flying displays. This year’s Showcase Schedule is:
April 13th & 14th 2019                                                               Buy Tickets
June 8th 2019                                                                              Buy Tickets
August 31st 2019                                                                         Buy Tickets
September 28th 2019                                                                Buy Tickets
October 12th &13th 2019 (not Warbirds Downunder)       Buy Tickets
November 30th 2019                                                                Buy Tickets
For more information visit our website