Temora Aviation Museum will be hosting a spectacular flying event this weekend. Visitors can expect to see the majority of the Museums collection flying, including aircraft such as the Spitfire, Tiger Moth, Dragonfly, Hudson, Canberra and the Meteor.

The Temora Aviation Museum Engineering team have been working hard to prepare the Museums aircraft in time for the Flying Weekend. In particular, the Vampire and the Dragonfly have required the rectification of minor fuel leaks, which has involved obtaining a replacement fuel tank for the Vampire and the purchase of special seals from the USA for one of the J-85 engines fitted to the Dragonfly. Museum friend and fellow Vampire owner Judy Pay, generously assisted by providing a surplus fuel tank for the Vampire.

Another aircraft from the Museums collection, which has also undergone recent maintenance, is the Ryan. An annual inspection was performed on the aircraft, which involved the disassembly of the engine to carry out a valve grind, as well as the installation of new rings in each cylinder of the Supercharged Menasco Pirate engine.

Sunday of the Flying Weekend will see the addition of Matt Dennings CA-13 Boomerang from Toowoomba, Queensland. The restoration of this rare, historic fighter has been a personal life-long commitment for Matt, and the Museum is always thrilled to have Matt and his Boomerang partake in Flying Weekends. The Museum is also fortunate to have the Boomerang on loan for several weeks following the Flying Weekend.

The Museum holds flying over both Saturday and Sunday with gates opening at 10.00 am. Flying begins at 11.00 am and finishes around 3.00 pm, with the closure of the Museum at 4.00 pm.
Food and beverages are available all day from the Museums Canteen, the Mess Hall. All proceeds made from the sale of items at the Mess Hall go towards local charities.

For visitors that will be travelling to Temora and are wondering what to pack or wear, an up-to-date weather forecast is available through our website.

Sabres Galore

Exciting new additions to the Museum involve the acquisition of 3 more Sabre aircraft. For the enthusiasts, the serial numbers for these aircraft are: A94-942, A94-956 and A94-953. These extra aircraft will greatly benefit the Museum in providing easy access to parts for restoration and the long-term operation of a CAC Sabre.