With the Museum’s staff in high gear preparing for this coming weekend, it was important that we took time out yesterday to remember all those service men and women who gave their lives so that Australia can enjoy a freedom that is envied the world over. We also give thanks to those currently serving at home and abroad, carrying on the Aussie ‘Digger’ tradition. The Temora Aviation Museum sincerely hopes that through the public flying displays we conduct, we may act as a link to keep alive the memory of men and machines that are Australia’s aviation heritage.

Those in regional areas of Australia who receive Channel Ten broadcast by Capital are able to view a programme this Saturday afternoon at 2.30pm. Called ‘All you need…’, the segment will feature Temora and the Temora Aviation Museum.

We are pleased to confirm that the RAAF Museum Point Cook and RAAF Roulettes will be participating in our flying this weekend however we regret that the Catalina is unable to join us. The Museum’s A37B Dragonfly formation will display both days with the Vampire and Canberra on Saturday and the Meteor on Sunday. As a special treat for Sunday, Col Pay will be joining us with his P-51 Mustang and together with the Museum’s Spitfire will make for the nicest sounding formation one could ever hope to hear.

We look forward to seeing you all at our Celebration of the Centenary of Flight Flying Weekend – it will be our largest one of the year.