I would like to thank everyone for the emails, phone calls and support following Tom’s tragic accident. Obviously Tom’s death has had a significant impact on our entire team however we are now starting to focus on our 2009 activities and planning the Museum’s return to full flying operations. We need appropriate time for each of our Staff, Crew and Volunteers to come to terms with their loss. In addition each pilot needs sufficient opportunity to conduct currency or practice flying in Museum aircraft prior to our first public Flying Day. After receiving advice from Temora Historic Flight Club Safety Officer and in consideration of all of our Team, we have decided to cancel the 7th and 8th March 2009 Flying Weekend. We have always taken a cautious approach with respect to our flying operations as we believe safety must not be compromised.

Our first Flying Weekend for 2009 will be April 11th and 12th and we are putting plans in place for this to be a major event.

Thank you once again for your understanding.
Kenny Love
Chief Executive