As a result of the severe wind and rain storm which hit Temora of Friday November 21st, parts of our facility have been damaged. The damage mainly affected the engineering facility and one aircraft. Thankfully no injuries were received by our crew and the public areas and display hangar have not been affected. Although there is a big clean up ahead we are confident that there will be no change to our normal operating hours or flying weekends.

Despite the big clean up we are in full swing preparing for our next flying weekend. The Museum aircraft including the Spitfire, Vampire, Meteor, Canberra and Dragonfly will participate in the displays. Special guest this weekend will be Larry Perkins with his V8 racecar. Larry will race the Extra 300s which should prove to be a worthy opponent.

Also joining the flying days will be Malcolm Long’s Hudson Bomber. Malcolm is kindly bringing his aircraft from Queensland to Temora where it will participate in our flying. The Hudson is the only one of it’s kind still flying in the world.

A reminder that the Museum will open at 10am with flying commencing at 10.30am on both Saturday and Sunday.