Four of the Museum’s aircraft will fly to Richmond, NSW this Friday (20th) to participate in the Defence Force Air Show to be held over Saturday and Sunday, 21 and 22 October 2006.

The Air Show will be held at Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Base Richmond in NSW and will feature a variety of exhibitions and ground displays. The flying program will feature some of Australia’s best vintage warbirds through to jets and helicopters in service with the Australian Defence Force.

The Air Show will be celebrating 90 years of flying from RAAF Base Richmond and 85 years since the establishment of the Royal Australian Air Force. It will be the biggest Air Show to be held at Richmond since the Bicentennial in 1988.

Aircraft that will be attending from the Museum’s collection are the Vampire, Meteor, Canberra and Spitfire Mk VIII. It is a rare opportunity to get these four vintage aircraft together at an air show away from Temora Aviation Museum. So come along and bring the family to witness the unique event.