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A unique and rare formation flight featuring our two Spitfires (the Mk VIII and the Mk XVI), Matt Hall’s P-51 Mustang and Alan Arthur’s P-40 Kittyhawk took place during the last Flying Weekend. It was a truly magnificent sight to see these four V-12 powered, World War II aircraft display together in the sky above the Temora Aviation Museum. The aircraft were flown by Temora Historic Flight Club (THFC) pilots Guy Bourke, and Doug Hamilton, as well as visiting Red Bull Air Race pilots Matt Hall and Nigel Lamb. The formation routine was performed during both Museum Flying Days and was a moving addition to the many other flights over the weekend.

To see a photo from the Flying Weekend, go to the 2009 Photo Galley page.

Two TBM-3 Grumman Avengers which are part of Steve Searle’s collection joined us from Queensland. Piloted by Paul Goard and Paul Bennet the Avengers were amazing to watch as their wings unfolded during the engine warm up, prior to taxiing out for display. Two visiting Harvards and the Museum’s Wirraway, created a spectacular three-ship aerobatic demonstration flown by Doug Hamilton, Steve Death and David Salter.

World famous Red Bull Air Race Pilots Nigel Lamb and Matt Hall were popular at Ramp Talk at the end of each day as they signed autographs and chatted to our visitors about their flying experiences. The next time Matt and Nigel fly together in Australia will be as competitors in the Red Bull Air Race World Series to be held in Perth during 2010.
Matt Hall’s Website
Nigel Lamb’s Website

The Canberra City Band played some fantastic period tunes at intervals during Sunday’s show, and visitors enjoyed their music highlighting that there is a lot more to the Museum than aircraft! We thank them for their participation and look forward to having them here at the Museum again.


Last week Malcolm and Fletcher from Leading Edge Media joined us here at the Museum to film the Museum aircraft for an upcoming aviation series to be aired on international television. The aircraft which provided the focus of the filming was the Meteor, Cessna O-2A, Ryan and Cessna A-37B. We achieved some fantastic shots and the weather was perfect for air-to-air filming. We are looking forward to seeing the finished product and hopefully the series will go to air in Australia in the future.