The Temora Aviation Museum staff, crew and volunteers are fully focused on implementing the many changes to the Museum and our flying format. A great deal of planning and preparation is going into the new Aircraft Showcase program which will commence on July 3rd. Aircraft Showcase is an exciting initiative designed to enhance our visitor’s experience. You will see our historically significant military aircraft collection as well as the Museum’s unique engineering facility and meet the team which keep these Warbirds serviceable and in the air for you to enjoy. Aircraft Showcase will be held twice each month on the first and third Saturday. This gives our visitors many more opportunities each year to view the Museum’s collection of aircraft collection in action.

The Museum’s Aircraft Engineers are preparing for visitors to experience our Engineering Facilities. This is an area of the Museum’s operation which previously was inaccessible to the public. Visitors will be able to witness the entire engineering operations from moving the aircraft out of the hangar, pre-flight inspections, post-flight recovery of the aircraft through to the current engineering activities in the Engineering Hangar.

Added to our website today is a newspaper article which appeared in the Temora Independent on May 4th after Editor Andrew Hawksley was granted a candid interview with the President and Founder of the Temora Aviation Museum – David Lowy AM. This interview gives David’s perspective on the future direction of the Museum, his thoughts and reasons for the recent changes to the flying format and his strong commitment for our education program which will be introduced later in the year.