The Temora Aviation Museum October Flying Weekend was a great success. A large crowd came along on the 11th and 12th to watch the numerous flying displays in the brilliant spring weather. Clear sunny skies dominated both days to provide a fantastic blue backdrop for all the flying displays on show.

The Temora Historic Flight Club (THFC) team conducted aircraft aerobatic and handling displays over the two days. Many ex-military aircraft demonstrated their unique features, including displays by the Museum’s Tiger Moth, Ryan, Wirraway, Boomerang, Spitfire Mk VIII, Spitfire Mk XVI, Vampire, Meteor, Canberra, Dragonfly, Cessna O-2, and Hudson. Three visiting aircraft also participated in the program. Museum volunteer Al Harding brought his Auster along for the first time, while THFC pilots David Salter and Gordon Glynn brought their North American Harvard and Cessna O-1 Birddog to perform for the crowd.

The next Temora Aviation Museum Flying Weekend falls on the 15th and 16th of November, and will be the final show for 2008. It is anticipated that this will be a huge show and one not to be missed.


The Temora Aviation Museum Engineers have been building a mobile engine test trailer used for testing turbine engines. This is a safe way to measure the engine’s performance and reliability prior to its use in the aircraft. Many engine overhaul facilities use engine test stands, but the Museum went one step further by making it mobile, like a trailer, so that it could be moved easily.

The mobile test stand will be used to test the Avon engine that will be fitted into the Sabre, however the trailer has been designed to be multi-functional, so that other engines can be tested in the future.


There has been plenty of progress made on the RAAF Sabre in recent weeks. Aircraft engineers Ben Muller and Marty Lancaster have recently completed the landing gear system installation, and have put it through a rigorous testing program to ensure it is working correctly. While the Sabre is on jacks for retraction system testing, emergency extension tests are also being conducted. The Engineers are proud to note that it is all working great so far, but further tests will be conducted to ensure that this success continues.

Normal and alternate flight control hydraulic systems have been operated and are also currently being adjusted. The horizontal stabiliser, found on the Sabre’s tail, has also been fitted, with the Engineers now focusing on the fitment and testing of the speed brake system. Fitting of the flight controls, such as the ailerons and elevators has been carried out. The ailerons are attached to the wings, and the elevators have been attached to the horizonal stabiliser. Once all is complete in this area, extensive system testing will be carried out putting us one step closer to returning this special aircraft to the skies.


Unfortunately we have had to change the date of our April 2009 flying weekend, so please cancel April 25th & 26th in your calendars. It will be replaced with a FLying Weekend on April 11 & 12 2009. We apologise for any inconvenience this change may cause.