The Museum presented an amazing display for its first flying weekend for 2005. Moderate temperatures and clear skies contributed to the action-packed two days.

Saturday saw the participation of the ‘heavies’, with displays by the Hudson, Catalina and Canberra Bomber. These aircraft looked majestic as they took to the sky. The flying program included performances by Lars Larson in the Tiger Moth, the RAN Squirrel Helicopter Team, Boomerang, Cessna 0-2A, David Lowy in the A-37B Dragonfly, and was capped off by Tom Moon in his Extra 300S.
We would also like to thank the NSW Fire Brigade for participating in Saturday’s flying display by providing their jointly owned anti-terrorism helicopter ‘Fire Air 1’. The addition of their fire engines and HAZMAT van also created a welcoming site for those interested.

Sunday’s display showed one super heavy aircraft in the form of the HARS Constellation. The roar of her four R-3350 radial engines was something Temora won’t forget. Sunday held a fighter theme with performances by the Wirraway, Kittyhawk, Boomerang, Meteor, Vampire and Dragonfly. The day was complete with routines by the RAN Squirrel helicopters and Tom Moon’s Extra.

We are busy planning for our next flying weekend on March 26 & 27. See you then.