On Saturday the Museum presented a special tribute in honour of our friend Tom Moon. Immediately after the welcome and National Anthem, Museum commentator, Peter Anderson, spoke about Tom in celebration of his life. A minutes silence was observed which concluded with a four ship formation of the Wirraway, Boomerang, Spitfire and Harvard. The Boomerang pulled up away from the formation allowing the remaining aircraft to perform a “missing man” fly past. It was a moving tribute for a man who has meant so much to Temora Aviation Museum and all those associated with it.

Non stop flying activity was experienced by visitors at the Temora Aviation Museum during the Easter Flying Weekend. Thousands of visitors arrived on both Saturday and Sunday to catch a glimpse of the Museum’s fine collection of vintage aircraft, including the Boomerang, Wirraway, Spitfire Mk XVI, Dragonfly, Meteor and Canberra. Many also came along to see the majestic Super Constellation visiting from the Historic Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS) at Albion Park, NSW. Visitors also took the opportunity to climb aboard the Connie while it was on static display. This gave them the chance to view, sit in, touch and smell this vintage machine, and of course ask the pilots and engineering team questions about the aircraft.

Also visiting from HARS, was the C-47 which was a crowd pleaser when on Sunday, it combined with the Connie to form an outstanding formation flying display. We thank HARS for bringing along both the Connie and the C-47 to our Flying Weekend, and we look forward to seeing them return for future Temora Aviation Museum Flying Weekends!

There were many other visiting aircraft that joined in our flying displays over the weekend. Soaring through the Temora skies were David Salter’s Harvard, Steve Death’s Trojan, Doug Hamilton’s Lockheed 12, Al Harding’s Auster, and Gordon Glynn’s Birddog.

The charitable organisation Wheelies with Wings conducted a presentation during the lunch break on Saturday. Three graduates were presented with awards by Wheelie’s with Wings Director Ian Nicholas, and Museum President David Lowy. The purpose of Wheelies with Wings is to offer to physically disabled people the opportunity to gain a flying experience. This allows people with a physical disability to gain a sense of freedom and achievement – a stepping stone to use for further challenges. Wheelies with Wings is a registered tax deductible charity. If you wish to help them out with a donation, please email or phone them. Their website address (with all their details) is: www.wheelieswithwings.com.au/

Temora Aviation Museum’s next Flying Weekend will fall on the 6th & 7th of June 2009. Now is the time to start planning to attend this upcoming event which is not very far away!