What fantastic sunny weather we had at Temora over the June Flying Weekend! A great line-up of aircraft performed some stunning aerobatic routines and manoeuvres over the two days.

The action packed program included the Wirraway, Hudson, Boomerang, Spitfire Mk VIII, Spitfire Mk XVI, Vampire, Canberra, Meteor, Cessna O-2A and Dragonfly. Visiting aircraft that joined in the weekends’ flying displays involved Gordon Glynn’s Cessna O-1, which united with the Museum’s Cessna O-2 and the Dragonfly to create a Vietnam-themed display. Two Harvards, which belong to Doug Hamilton and David Salter joined with the Wirraway adding to the formation flying program with a three ship formation routine.

The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) brought two Squirrel Helicopters to Temora Aviation Museum for the Flying Weekend. They performed a great display of synchronised manoeuvres, as did the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Roulette aerobatic team who performed many manoeuvres with names such as ripple rolls, snake loops and ‘the heart’.
We would like to express our thanks to the RAN and RAAF for contributing to the weekend’s entertainment. We look forward to hosting them again at future Flying Weekends.

At lunchtime on Saturday, a special graduation ceremony was conducted for a group of trainee pilots from the charity organisation Wheelies with Wings. Wheelies with Wings purpose is to offer physically disabled people the opportunity to gain a flying experience. Congratulations to those trainees who were awarded certificates.

Sunday’s flying display began with a presentation from the 335 Squadron Precision Drill Team Cadets from Williamtown. The team, which was made up of 16 Cadets from various stages of training and age groups, performed for the crowd once again in the lunch break. The routine that was displayed featured input from all cadets and some of the drill movements were also created by the cadets. We look forward to having the team visit again sometime.

The next Flying Weekend is only four weeks away on 19 & 20 July so start planning!

Visit our photo gallery page to view photos of the June 2008 Flying Weekend.