What a fantastic flying weekend! Not only were we treated to 30 degree plus summer weather, the aviation variety on display was unparalleled. In addition to the Museum’s displays there were three other noteworthy additions. We were delighted that Col Pay dropped in on Saturday with his CAC Mustang. The sight and sounds of the Mustang and Spitfire together is seldom found anywhere in the world – but it was heard here over the weekend. The RAAF Point Cook’s trainng aircraft through the ages provided an excellent opportunity to see the grouping of CT4s, Winjeels and the Harvard in formation. Of course one of the weekends’ highlights was the precision aerobatics displays by the RAAF Roulettes. The Museum is grateful for their participation as it enhanced the overall venue much to the benefit of the visitors.

An important note for your aviation diaries. The Museum will be commencing the flying displays at 10:30am for the December 6th and 7th and the January 24th and 25th flying days. This is to take advantage of the cooler morning temperatures. With only three weeks until the next Museum flying weekend, preparations are already underway for our final diaplay of 2003. We hope to see you here.