The Temora Aviation Museum has partnered with the Young District Arts Council to host a concert themed on Australia’s History Of War. The performance at the Museum will be the first in a series of three concerts designed to evoke the unmistakable spirit and emotion of the WWII era. The Temora aerodrome is a befitting location given its rich historical links with WWII when it was home to No.10 Elementary Flying Training School from 1940 through to the end of the war.

As the audience sit in the Museum’s display hangar, nestled amongst some of the world’s rarest and most unique WWII warbird aircraft, they will be treated to a variety of performances, including music, dance, poetry and letter readings that set the scene for one of the most influential times in Australian history. The Young District Arts Council are excited to bring the concert to the Temora Aviation Museum and are currently polishing the performance to ensure an evening of quality entertainment.

Lauren Frith, Concert Director from Young District Arts Council, said “The Temora concert is coming together just nicely, we are now in the final days of preparations and full dress rehearsals. Tickets are selling well but we are looking to fill this magnificent venue. Where else can you be surrounded by such history whilst enjoying a concert performance?”

The Temora concert will coincide with the ‘Fighters’ themed Aircraft Showcase on 18th October which will feature the Museum’s Boomerang and Meteor. Be a part of this special experience by visiting Temora on October 18th for Aircraft Showcase from 10am to 4pm, and then stay for the concert that evening. The concert commences at 7pm and the Museum Mess Hall will be open for drinks and snacks.

Tickets for the concert can be purchased from the Museum or online at the Young District Arts Council website or by calling the Museum,  this really is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of something special.