Temora Aviation Museum is pleased to announce the permanent addition of Lockheed Hudson VH-KOY to its aircraft collection. The aircraft has been on loan to the Museum since December and formal acquisition occurred on Friday May 14th, 2004.

Lockheed Hudsons served during World War II on most battle fronts with the Allied Forces, including the Royal Air Force (RAF) and Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF). The aircraft was operated in a variety of roles including maritime patrol, trainer, transporter and bomber. A total of 2,941 Hudson’s were built, and of these 6 remain in existence today. Only one (VH-KOY) remains in flying condition.

The RAAF received 247 Hudsons in total between January 1940 and May 1942. These served with 12 squadrons in the Australian and South West Pacific regions.

The Museums Lockheed Hudson A16-112 (VH-KOY) was commissioned by the RAAF in December 1942 and served in coastal anti-submarine patrol off the coast of Western Australia. On transfer to No.6 Squadron it served out of Milne Bay, PNG on bombing, armed reconnaissance and patrol work.

Temora Aviation Museum Chief Executive, Kenny Love, stated “It is an honour to have the Hudson join our aircraft collection as it is the only World War II bomber that remains in flying condition in Australia. It serves as a tribute to all the men and women that serviced, maintained and flew bomber aircraft in defence of Australia.”

The Hudson will become an important part of the Museum Flying Days which are held regularly throughout the year. Flying dates for the remainder of the year are June 12 & 13, August 28 & 29, October 9 & 10 and November 27 & 28.

More information can be found on the Museum’s website at www.aviationmuseum.com.au