Temora Aviation Museums Lockheed Hudson has been away from the Museum of late, as it is in the process of receiving a new paint job at Worland Aviation Services in Albury, NSW. Its previous exterior paint scheme consisted of top surfaces painted in an olive drab, with the lower surfaces (such as under the wings, fuselage and tail) painted a medium grey to represent a United States of America Army Airforce aircraft of that era. These colours were applied to the Hudson for its acting debut in the World War II based film The Great Raid. The filming for this movie occurred back in 2002, with the movie rumoured for release later this year.
The new paint scheme is… well, you will have to wait and see! – But it will definitely be Australian.

Temora Aviation Museum Chief Engineer Pete Pring-Shambler took a trip down to Albury to ensure that all work being done will reflect the aircrafts true heritage. Pete was pleased with the progress and says it should not be too long before the Hudson is back flying at the Museums Flying Weekends.

The Lockheed Hudson was acquired from Malcolm Long by Temora Aviation Museum in May 2004. The Museum maintains the Hudson in flying condition as a tribute to the Bomber crews of World War II. The Hudson was originally operated by a range of different Air Forces including Britain, Canada, the United States, New Zealand and Australia and performed in a variety of roles ranging from the original maritime patrol through to trainer, transport, bomber and other general roles.