The next Flying Weekend is only 2 weeks away – on the 24th and 25th of October.
Red Bull Air Race competitor Matt Hall will be at Temora Aviation Museum in an Australian built CAC Mustang. Flown by Matt, the popular WWII era Mustang will take part in the October Flying program. Last weekend Matt finished his rookie year in the Red Bull Air Race World Championships on the podium winning 3rd place overall – an excellent result!

The Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation built Mustang aircraft in Victoria under licence from North American Aviation in the USA. The American designation was P-51D. Historically, this aircraft is one of the greatest warplanes ever built and upon its introduction, proved to be one of the turning points in World War II. The decision to manufacture the Mustang in Australia was made during World War II as a result of the outstanding success achieved with the type as a long-range escort fighter on missions in Europe and the Pacific. It is suggested that the Mustang was the best all round fighter of the war. World War II finished before the Australian built Mustangs were completed. Australian Mustangs were used as part of the Japan Occupation Force and in combat during the Korean War. This particular Mustang is painted as A68-769, the personal aircraft of the Commanding Officer of No. 82 Squadron in Japan. The aircraft was subsequently transferred into No. 77 Squadron and was used in combat in Korea.

Mustang A68-769 is powered by a 12 cylinder Packard Merlin liquid cooled engine, and has the capability of reaching speeds of 925 km/h. Don’t miss Red Bull Air Race Champion Matt Hall flying the Mustang here at Temora during the 24th and 25th October Flying Weekend!

The newly restored RAAF Sabre will also fly again at the upcoming October Flying Weekend, so if you missed it last Flying Weekend you will see it fly again on the 24th and 25th of October. The Mustang and the Sabre will join the rest of the Museum’s historic aircraft collection for a great day out for all the family.


A second Boomerang owned by Jim Whalley and James Edwards will be coming over from South Australia to join in the October Flying Weekend. This aircraft’s restoration was recently completed by Matt Denning and it will be joining the Museum’s Boomerang in a historical formation flying display. Wearing RAAF No. 84 Squadron markings it made a brief stop at Temora in July before travelling to its new home in South Australia. Its owners Jim Whalley and James Edwards promised that this Boomerang would return and the October Flying Weekend is the time and place.


We are sad to report that Temora Aviation Museum’s Engineering Supervisor Lindsay Jordan is leaving us. Lindsay first started working on our Vampire at Bankstown in 1998 and commenced full time employment with Temora Aviation Museum Engineering at Temora in 2002. As an integral part of our team Lindsay quickly became a valuable source of aircraft knowledge and a friendly face around the Museum. Lindsay has decided to become a full time dad to his little guy Jett and move overseas with his family. We would like to wish the Jordan’s the best of luck for their future. We will certainly miss Lindsay here at the Museum.

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