Born Victorian, Emma Bowley is a true Swiss knife type of Wonder Woman who takes care of administration and tech here, at the Museum. We are lucky to have her look after the administration of the Temora Historic Flying Club which runs the flying side of the Museum as well as managing donated artifacts. Emma is a multi-gifted woman, former winemaker and a pilot herself; she absolutely loves Sabre for the gorgeous look of it in the sky with the swept wings. Just amazing!

Today, we are spending some time with Emma, learning more about her work at the Museum.

Tell us a little about your role (and history) at the Temora Aviation Museum?

My role is in admin, as part of this I look after the websites/IT and Archiving of donated artifacts relating to 10 EFTS, the aircraft and RAAF. My other role is Admin for the Temora Historic Flying Club which runs the flying side of the Museum. I originally started with the museum as a volunteer in 2011, then a casual delivering the Education program. I started in this position two years ago.

What did you do before joining Temora Aviation Museum?

I fulfilled multiple roles over my career, but mainly working as a winemaker and admin for our Flying School that my husband and I run. I also have my private pilot’s licence.

Which is your favourite warbird in the collection?

The Sabre! The shape of it in the sky with the swept wings just looks amazing.

Where are you from?

Mornington, Victoria.

Who is your aviation hero?

Right now, my husband who has been firebombing in an Airtractor 802 for the last few months.

In history, my hero is Nancy Bird Walton whom I met in Jamestown SA and I love her book ‘My God it’s a Woman’