A converted country girl Nicola Curry has been working at the Museum for almost 5 years now, growing into all-hands-on-deck power woman helping us host aircraft showcases and Warbirds Downunder Airshows in her Events & PR role. She is a gun!

We are very lucky to have her on our team, helping us support our mission and serve our community. Nicola admits that what she really loves about working at the Museum is the amazing people she regularly meets in her work – from war veterans to skillful pilots, to family members of veterans who worked on and served in the aircraft housed at the Museum.  When she watched the 90+ year old Spitfire pilot get back into the aircraft, it gave her goosebumps. Who wouldn’t feel it!

Today, we are following Nicola around Museum, asking a few questions about her work here.

Tell us a little about your role (and history) at the Temora Aviation Museum?

I started in July 2015 in administration 2 days a week when my youngest child went to pre-school. I then moved into Accounts when a gap needed to be filled. When he started school in 2017 I increased to 3 days, and I work 4 days during Warbirds Downunder years. I have been in my existing Events & PR role since 2018 and love it!

What did you do before joining Temora Aviation Museum?

I worked at Unilever for nearly 10 years in sales, management and business analyst roles, primarily with Streets Ice Cream & Lipton Iced Tea.

Which is your favourite warbird in the collection?

So hard to choose! I think the Ryan is just beautiful. It’s obviously not the fastest aircraft, but I can’t help but be drawn to the shiny silver body and wooden prop!!

Where are you from?

Originally from Sydney and moved here in December 2011 after the birth of 3rd child for my husband to work on the family farm. He was born & bred in Temora.

Who is your aviation hero?

Not just one hero, but rather all of the men and women who flew and maintained our aircraft during times of conflict.

What do you love the most about working at the Museum?

The amazing people that I have the chance of meeting- from war veterans to existing pilots, to family members of veterans who served in the aircraft housed at TAM.  When we have the chance to put a 90+ year old Spitfire pilot back into an aircraft it gives me goosebumps.

It is amazing to see the raw emotions that the Museum brings out in people, their absolute appreciation of what the Museum represents and what the team does here- I am so proud to be a part of it.