Museum engineers have working hard on our Gloster Meteor F.8, which is the only aircraft of its type flying in the world. The Meteor was built in 1949 and features first generation Rolls Royce Derwent Turbo Jet Engines. The Meteor is undergoing the first of two engine changes, as the current engines are close to their published overhaul limits. This is valuable experience for the Temora Aviation Museum Engineers as it is the first time the engines in this Meteor have been removed since the Museum acquired the aircraft. It is also the first time Derwents have been removed from an operational Meteor in Australia since the early 1960s.

The procedure involves the removal of the old engine, this is then followed by the clean up of the engine bay, which includes the replacement of the flexible fuel supply and oil pressure hoses, as well as a structural inspection including the jet pipe assembly. The new engine may then be installed.

Once the engine is installed, rigging checks will be carried out and engine runs will be conducted to check for leaks and for engine performance. This is followed by a test flight to ensure all the systems are functioning correctly.