The Temora Aviation Museum would like to congratulate our Apprentice Aircraft Engineer Mitch Liebich, on his great achievements as an apprentice over the past two and a half years!

Mitch works for Temora Aviation Museum Engineering as a 3rd year Apprentice Aircraft Engineer. Mitch completed his year ten work experience with us and we were so impressed with his knowledge and aptitude to aviation that we waited until he finished year eleven to hire him as our apprentice. During that waiting time, Mitch helped us in his school holidays and during our Flying Weekends.

In order to increase his knowledge and understanding of the aviation profession Mitch is taking flying lessons with the goal of obtaining his Recreational Aircraft Australia license. Mitch has undertaken flight training at his own expense and on his own personal time. Whilst this is not a requirement for his employment it broadens his understanding of the aviation industry.

Mitch is not a “clock watcher” and takes a whole hearted approach to his work related activities. His tasks are always completed with a high degree of attention to detail and conducted in the most efficient manner. Mitch is continually seeking job related knowledge through studying trade related journals and networking with visiting aircrew, engineers, and aviation specialist contractors.

He is an aircraft engineer who routinely thinks “outside the square”. Mitch applies knowledge gained from his life experiences to his career development. He is always first to volunteer for a new project and he is not afraid to tackle the tough jobs or the dirty work.

On Friday 26th June, Mitch received an award at the Third Annual Business Awards Program and Gala Dinner, held by the Temora Business Enterprise Group (TBEG). These awards are held to recognise and showcase outstanding businesses and individuals throughout the Temora community, for their efforts over the last 12 months. The six finalists for ‘Best Trainee/Apprentice’, ranged in occupation from hairdressers to builders. Mitch came out on top as the winner, congratulations!

Mitch now holds the perpetual trophy for this category, which will be on display at the Museum.

In his acceptance speech, Mitch thanked the Museum staff for making his working environment a great place to learn.