This weekend will see the Model Jet Flyers Association of NSW visit the Temora Aviation Museum again to hold their Annual Model Jet Championships. Friday 6 October will consist of set-up and pilot registration, along with general flying practice going throughout the day.

Saturday and Sunday 7 & 8 October will consist of general flying with a few competitions thrown in throughout the day. Examples of the categories for entering the competitions will include:
Target speed which involves reaching either 200 km/h or 250 km/h without the use of remote to know how fast the aircraft is going;
Best of Show – the best crowd pleaser;
Best Sport and Best Scale jet – judged on appearance; and
Best Landing.

The weather is predicted to be quite warm over the weekend, so as you plan your visit to the Museum remember to bring along sun protection. The Museum opens at 10 am and closes at 4 pm both days, with flying being consistent throughout those times. Admission is $10 for adults, $7.50 for adults aged over 65 yrs and $5.00 for children (3-18 yrs). Food and refreshments will also be available from the Museum’s canteen, the ‘Mess Hall’.

So come along to check out some amazing miniature jet action over the coming weekend!