The Jet Flyers Association of NSW descended on Temora last weekend to participate in the 2005 Model Jet Championships. Members arrived on Friday to set up and test their aircraft, with the main event being held over the Saturday and Sunday. President of the Association, Jason Starkey, was pleased with the attendance of around 50 pilots with their colourful, turbine powered model jets over the weekend.

A lot of time, money and effort is poured into these aircraft to make them as lifelike as possible. Most are constructed from kits, although some models are built from scratch, based on photographs taken of a real aircraft at three different angles. Moulds to make the model aircraft are fashioned from either carved foam with the use of fibreglass to construct the aircraft, or by using wooden ribs and formers and then covering it all to create the final result.

Different models which flew at the Championships included F.15s, Eurofighters, Mig 15s, Vampires, F.16s, a Viper Jet, A4 Skyhawk and a Lightning.

The Museum would like to thank the local Fire Brigade members that volunteered their time to operate the Museum’s food venue, the Mess Hall, over the three days.