The Canberra was seen above the skies of southern New South Wales this past week as Air Commodore Rod Luke reacquainted himself with the aircraft. Under the supervision of Darren Crabb, Rod completed his civil endorsement at the Albury and Temora NSW airfields. Rod flew Canberra’s with the Royal Australian Air Force and his last flight in the type was more then 22 years ago.

Anzac weekend is promising to be a special time at the Temora Aviation Museum. We are getting ready for a fantastic Flying Weekend. Judy Pay is bringing the C.A.C Mustang that she and Dick Hourigan lovingly restored and will join with Matt Denning’s Boomerang and the Museum’s Spitfire for a special Anzac Day flyby. The Temora RSL is hosting a ceremony at the Cenotaph and have invited Bruce Wood to be the guest speaker. The Museum will open at 10:00 AM but the flying program will be respectfully delayed until the Anzac service is complete at 12:30. The Temora Cenotaph is located on Loftus Street and we encourage everyone visiting Temora to attend the ceremony before coming to the Museum Flying Day.

The April edition of FlyPast Magazine is now available and includes a 9 page feature on the Museum. FlyPast Deputy Editor Jarrod Cotter and Chief Photographer Duncan Cubitt visited the Museum in December and have produced a beautiful collection of photographs and a detailed behind the scenes look at a Museum Flying Weekend. The April edition is on sale now at your local newsagent and features Darren Crabb and the Museum’s fabulous Gloster Meteor on the front cover.