The Museum would like to welcome Ian Hender and David Finch to its ranks. Both are engineers and their expertise will be much appreciated and put to immediate use. They bring a wealth of experience covering engines, fabric and the woodwork skills necessary to help maintain our antique aircraft.

Spectators have also been privileged to see Australia’s newest Spitfire pilot, Guy Bourke performing in concert with the Museum’s Hudson and Judy Pay’s Mustang. Since the end of WWII, this is possibly the first time that the Spitfire, Mustang and Hudson have been in formation together.
In keeping with the WWII theme, Guy dressed in a period WWII fighter pilot uniform to enhance his display.

The new runway is still under construction and will require certification prior to its use. We will keep you posted on its availability for the November weekend. We’re hoping this will be an early Christmas present for Temora.