Aircraft Showcase – Pacific Theatre will take place this Saturday May 21st. On the schedule to fly is the Museum’s Lockheed Hudson, Supermarine Spitfire Mk. XVI and CAC Wirraway. Adding to the flying line up, our visitors will be treated to a memorable display performed by three members of the Southern Knights in their Harvards. Owners and pilots Dave Salter, Doug Hamilton and Steve Death will be making their way to the Temora Aviation Museum to perform a three ship Southern Knights display. Those who have previously had the opportunity to witness their performance will agree that it is magnificent. Steve Death has only recently completed the restoration of his Harvard and I am sure that he will be happy to show off his shiny new machine and answer any questions during the Engineering Hangar talk.

Two weeks ago the Museum celebrated the 70th anniversary of 10EFTS and to help with the celebrations we invited three local WWII veterans who trained here at Temora during that period. All three had a wonderful time as they reminisced about their experiences during WWII. The Temora Aviation Museum is actively seeking any veterans who are interested in allowing us to record their stories on film. Over the past 4 years the Museum has been capturing many of the untold stories and accounts of veterans contributions whilst defending Australia. These films are now able to be viewed at the Museum and our visitors can enjoy the stories of individual men and women who, although not given recognition in the history books, have been vital to the pioneering spirit of Australia’s military aviation. For more information please contact the Museum.