A group of five Temora Aviation Museum Engineering team members, the Temora Supermarines, made their way to Sydney on the weekend to compete in the 1st Red Bull Flugtag event in Australia. The competition, which was organised by Red Bull, was the first to be held in Sydney and is reminiscent of the Birdman rally that is held in Victoria. It attracted a huge crowd of 60,000 spectators to Mrs Macquaries Point, adjacent to the Royal Botanical Gardens in Sydney. The program consisted of 35 teams who had created crazy manpowered flying machines, which were launched, by their team mates, off a 6 metre ramp into the water below.

The Supermarines came away a roaring success after securing a place on the podium to accept the MOST CREATIVE award in recognition of their craft’s artistic excellence. The craft’s design and artwork was based on the Museum’s Spitfire Mk VIII, and although the papier-maché contraption didn’t have a hope of ever flying, it did look quite similar to the real thing. The brave pilot, Pete Harper endured the flight relatively unscathed, although the same thing can’t be said for the aircraft which broke into several pieces.

It is reported that the Red Bull Flugtag Sydney will be televised however we are unsure when or what time at this stage. Further possible media attention involving the Supermarines with their Spitfire may appear on Channel 9’s Wide World of Sports and Channel 9’s The Footy Show. Keep your eye out for them.