Come and see the visiting RAAF F-111 this weekend at Temora Aviation Museum.

The General Dynamics F-111 is a two-seat long-range strike reconnaissance aircraft. It has a max speed of Mach 1.2 at sea level and a cruise speed of 780 km/h.

Highly controversial during its development, the F-111 is even better today than when it was introduced to the Air Force in June 1973. With numerous airframe, engine, weapons and avionics upgrades, the F-111 remains the fastest and longest ranging combat aircraft in the Asia-Pacific.

It is planned that the participating F-111 will conduct flying displays throughout the weekend and will be scheduled to fly on both Saturday and Sunday.

A special first time visitor to a Museum Flying Weekend will be Allan Arthur with his spectacular P-40 Kittyhawk. It is expected to fly on both Saturday and Sunday along with the Museum’s own historic collection with displays from the Tiger Moth, Ryan, Boomerang, 2 x Spitfires, Hudson, Meteor, Vampire and Canberra.


To make your visit more enjoyable are introducing a faster entry system this Flying Weekend, in addition to the Museum Guardhouse entrance there will be two additional outdoor ticketing booths. We are confident this will make your entry to the Museum faster and more efficient. The ticket booths will only accept cash or annual pass holders. If you need to pay by credit card please enter through the Gift Shop entrance.

This weekend is will be a spectacular event that everyone will enjoy. Bring the family and a fold up chair along to Temora Aviation Museum’s flying weekend on 19 and 20 May 2007. Museum opens at 10.00, flying begins at 11.00 am.