The RAAF Sabre is part of the line-up for Aircraft Showcase – Fighters at Temora Aviation Museum this weekend. It will fly with the Museum’s Meteor, Boomerang and Spitfire as part of the flying program. The next scheduled appearance for the RAAF Sabre is the Avalon Airshow later this month and after that, the Sabre will be removed from flying status for the foreseeable future. The aircraft is fitted with a Martin-Baker ejection seat which was retrofitted to the aircraft during the return to flight service program at the Museum. Martin-Baker has notified operators of historic ejection seats that they have ceased supplying parts for all historic ejection seats. This means the Sabre will be out of the air until a suitable course of action is determined, since Air Force’s current policy is to only operate the aircraft with a serviceable ejection seat. TAM’s Meteor F.8 will continue to fly for a period of time as TAM has in stock the required ejection seat consumables to keep the aircraft airworthy for a number of years.

AIRCDRE David Pietsch AM, who oversees RAAF Sabre operations as Air Force’s representative said: “In 2006 the RAAF loaned the Sabre to the Temora Aviation Museum, who subsequently returned it to flying condition over a three year period, after it had not flown for 14 years. Since that time it has successfully performed at many flying displays around the country and has been viewed by hundreds of thousands of spectators. The RAAF and Temora Aviation Museum will continue to work together in seeking available options for the Sabre’s return to flight, but for now, the aircraft will stop flying after Avalon Airshow”