Reconnect: Friends and Relatives of 10 EFTS

Did a member of your family train at Temora in the RAAF’s No.10 Elementary Flying Training School (No. 10 EFTS)?

The Temora Aviation Museum is seeking the relatives of around 10,000 personnel who trained at Temora from 1941 – 1946 in order to invite them to reconnect with Temora Aviation Museum and learn more about their family history.

Established by the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) in May 1941, RAAF’s No. 10 EFTS was the largest and longest lived of the flying schools established under the Empire Air Training Scheme during World War Two (WWII).

Throughout WWII, upwards of 2,400 pilots trained at Temora, with a further 7,600 people working on-site at the Temora base.

RAAF’s No. 10 EFTS ceased operation on 12 March 1946, making it the last WWII flying school to close. Since then, Temora has continued its aviation heritage, becoming the preferred airfield for a growing number of sport aviation activities including gliding, parachuting, aerobatics, ultra-light aircraft operations and model aircraft.

Temora Aviation Museum CEO Murray Kear says, “We want to connect with Temora alumni who are still living, as well as the relatives of RAAF’s 10 EFTS personnel who may have information or stories to share about this remarkable group of people. RAAF’s No. 10 EFTS cohort form the basis of Temora’s aviation history, and we want to capture those stories before it’s too late.

By running our facebook group , we hope to form a community of relatives and friends in order to keep the memory of RAAF’s No. 10 EFTS alive so that people can understand what happened in Temora, and what these people went on to achieve during WWII and beyond,” says Mr Kear.

To find out more about RAAF’s No. 10 EFTS, email or join the Friends and Relatives of RAAF’s No. 10 EFTS Facebook Group.

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All friends and relatives of RAAF’s No. 10 EFTS personnel are invited to attend the Warbirds Downunder 2020 Veteran’s Retreat by prior arrangement. Please email

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