As we rapidly approach the last flying weekend for 2004, we would like to remind everyone of the essence of the Temora Aviation Museum. Temora in its own right played a significant role in aircrew training and thanks to the sacrifices of members of all Australian Services Australia enjoys an enviable freedom. The Museum is proud to preserve and display some of the key aircraft associated with Australian Military Heritage and we are lucky to have the opportunity to enjoy, see and hear these rare and magnificent aircraft. Lest We Forget.

To contribute to the Museum’s Flying Weekend (27 & 28 November), a number of significant aircraft will be attending to compliment our own. Linked with modern aviation, the RAN Squirrel Helicopters will demonstrate their precision formations. The HARS Catalina will be making its Temora debut and in concert with the Hudson Bomber will display an ominous airborne presence. The most significant formation of WW2 Australian fighters will also grace the skies. The Museum’s Spitfire will be accompanied by no less than Matt Denning’s CA13 Boomerang, Judy Pay’s P-51 Mustang and Australia’s newest P-40 Kittyhawk, courtesy of Col Pay. This photographic opportunity will rarely present itself, so should not be missed! We look forward to enjoying another fantastic Museum flying weekend with all of you.