The Temora Aviation Museum is excited to announce that the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) have confirmed their support for Warbirds Downunder 2015 on November 20th and 21st at the Temora Aerodrome. 

Warbirds Downunder 2015 will host Air Force aircraft which range from the earliest form of aviation, a hot air balloon, through to the most advanced, cutting edge technology in the world, the E-7A Wedgetail. The RAAF will attend Warbirds Downunder with a total of 17 aircraft that will be displayed during the flying program and on the ground. RAAF aircraft will join with the Temora Aviation Museum’s collection and other warbird and antique aircraft from around Australia to make Warbirds Downunder one of the most significant airshows in Australia.

RAAF Aircraft – Friday

•           Hot Air Balloon (flying/tethered)

•           CT-4 (flying)

•           Winjeel (flying)

•           Roulette precision aerobatic team (six flying and one static PC9A)

•           F/A-18A Hornet (two flying aircraft in formation with warbird aircraft)

•           E-7A Wedgetail (flypast)

RAAF Aircraft – Saturday

•           Hot Air Balloon (flying/tethered)

•           CT-4 (flying)

•           Winjeel (flying)

•           Roulette precision aerobatic team (six flying and one static – PC9A)

•           F/A-18A Hornet (solo flying display + formation with warbird aircraft)

•           F/A-18A Hornet (static display)

•           E-7A Wedgetail (flypast)

•           C-130J Transport (static display)

•           C-17 Transport (flypast)

•           King Air VIP aircraft (static)

Museum President and Founder Mr David Lowy AM said, “We have a great working relationship with the RAAF Museum and RAAF, there is a great deal of goodwill between the personnel and significant benefits for both organisations. We are very proud that they are able to provide Warbirds Downunder with such incredible support.”

Warbirds Downunder 2015 is a two day event which will take place Friday evening November 20th and Saturday November 21st on the Temora NSW Aerodrome featuring a wide variety of antique and ex-military aircraft from around Australia. Participating aircraft include WWII Spitfires, P-40 Kittyhawks, CAC Boomerang and Lockheed Hudson plus Meteor and CAC Sabre and a range of vintage trainers and antique aircraft. Tickets are now available online for this event. More information about Warbirds Downunder can be found on the Museum’s website at



Warbirds Downunder Airshow 2015

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Purchase Warbirds Downunder Tickets Today!

Warbirds Downunder will be held on Friday 20th & Saturday 21st November 2015 and early bird pricing is still available, so to avoid paying a premium for your Warbirds Downunder 2015 tickets ensure that you purchase them before the airshow. Tickets can be purchased:

For more information about Warbirds Downunder and purchasing tickets please visit our website.


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