The Temora Aviation Museum has recently taken delivery of three additional CAC built Sabre jets. These aircraft will be used in the restoration and long term operation of one airworthy example for the Temora Aviation Museum Collection.

The three aircraft, A94-942, 953 and 956, were disassembled by the Museum’s engineering staff and transported from Sydney to Temora where the final choice of the rebuild candidate will be made.

The Museum undertook the recovery of Sabre A94-909 from the USA a number of years ago together with a quantity of spares. This aircraft is in excellent condition , however it had been completely stripped of internal components in preparation for its planned rebuild in Florida. A94-909’s restoration has been on hold due to Temora Aviation Museum’s rapid expansion and building programme.

The Sabre rebuild will commence early in 2006 in a purpose built restoration facility following a complete examination of the three airframes and an inventory of the Museum’s spares holding.

Flying Weekend

Mark your calendars for the November flying weekend which is rapidly approaching. Bob De La Hunty, from the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society has indicated that they will be bringing two ex-RAAF C-47 Dakotas and the Super Constellation to make the November weekend a sensational way to finish the year. Be here on November 26th and 27th.