The first Temora Invitational Scale Classic (TISC) 2008 competition will be held at the Temora Aviation Museum complex this weekend. There will be three days of flying action, which will begin on Friday 7th November, and continue through to Sunday 9th November. Organisers of the TISC envisage that it will be one of Australasia’s most sought after aero modeling events, attracting an amazing array of aircraft from all states of Australia, plus New Zealand, and strong early interest from Thailand, Japan and the USA.

There will be over 60 world-class replica aircraft on display, including WWI biplanes, WWII fighters and Jets, flying and competing over the three day event. Competitors showcase their aircraft to a panel of judges who assess them against the fidelity of the model (Static Score) and the ability to fly it in a way that depicts the full size aircraft (Flight Score). Competitors need to rely on the aircrafts handling and manoeuvring, as well as their own reflexes, in events which are not always about speed alone. The winner of the event is the competitor who has amassed the highest aggregate score taken on the combination of the static and flying scores at the end of the event.

Admission to this unique event is via the Temora Aviation Museum. Food and refreshments will be available to purchase over the Friday, Saturday and Sunday from the Museum’s Mess Hall.


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