Shoot! Warbird Photography

Shoot! Warbird Photography Workshops, are unique aviation photography courses, hosted by the Temora Aviation Museum. They are designed for photographers of all skill levels, whether you’re a student, hobbyist, or emerging photographer. Photographers will learn the best techniques for achieving great aviation photography, allowing you to perfect your airshow and static photography skills.

Our range of 3 day courses provide exclusive access to a range of warbird aircraft, and vantage points. You will receive hands-on tuition, in a group setting as well as one on one.

Progress through SHOOT! Warbird Photography MKI and MKII courses to build your armory of photographs and then perfect your images by attending the COMBAT! Post Production course.

Shoot! Warbird Photography Mk I

Shoot! Warbird Photography Mk II

Combat! Post Production

This workshop is designed for photographers wanting to learn the core concepts of aviation photography including manual settings, using a histogram, balancing light, metering and much more. Participants are provided with a range of practical opportunities to help improve their understanding of these concepts, with the bonus of shooting at either sunrise or sunset. Participants will also touch on Post Production Techniques.

The Mk II workshop is aimed at photographers who are looking to refine their skills and push their ability to new levels by not only providing a refresher on the core concepts of aviation photography, but also introducing more complex photography techniques, such as advanced propeller blur, painting with light, and other special effects. Participants will also touch on Post Production Techniques and have the opportunity to shoot at either sunrise or sunset.

It is highly recommended that participants complete the Mk I course before attending Mk II.

This workshop enables participants to take their SHOOT! warbird images to a new level of creativity by mastering the fundamentals of Adobe Photoshop and its companion programs. The Combat! program introduces editing techniques such as lens correction, colour and tonal adjustments, noise reduction, shadow and high-light detail recovery, sharpening, and removal of distracting objects.

It is highly recommended that participants complete either the Mk I or Mk II workshops before attending Combat!.

2018 Dates: June 8th, 9th & 10th

2019 Dates: TBA

2019 Dates: TBA

PLEASE NOTE: All levels of ability are welcome, however participants must bring their own photography equipment. Once you have registered for a course, we will notify you of the compulsory and optional equipment required.

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