Australian Red Bull Air Race pilot Matt Hall is gearing up for a big season of Air Racing with the first race only two weeks away in Abu Dhabi on 26/27 March. This race will be televised so all of Matt’s fans can cheer from their favourite chair as Matt puts his brand new race aircraft through its paces.

The second race of the season will be in Perth, Australia, and Matt is looking forward to racing at home. He has organised an OFFICIAL MATT HALL SUPPORTER TOUR for the RED BULL AIR RACE PERTH 2010. The Tour will run from THURSDAY 15 April to MONDAY 19 APRIL and includes exclusive opportunities to wave the Aussie flag in support of Matt and watch the Air Race live.


The National Fly In of Recreational Aviation Australia 2010 (NATFLY RA-Aus) is taking place at Temora Aerodrome over Easter (Thursday April 1st through Sunday April 4th) this will be a huge event with up to 500 recreational aircraft in attendance and representatives from every recreational aircraft manufacturer and aviation product imaginable on site and ready to share their knowledge with you.

Natfly 2010 is shaping up to be a bonanza for recreational flyers of all shapes and sizes. Temora Aviation Museum, Temora Aeroclub, Temora Airpark, and the entire Temora community have enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to share their aerodrome with other flyers.

Official activities begin on Friday, April 2nd and will include forums, workshops, exhibits, an antique car display, a chance to visit the Temora Aviation Museum (admission applies), and a fabulous opportunity to network with other aircraft builders and flyers. A Flysynthesis Wallaby kit Aircraft will be built during this Natfly event, and there are activities scheduled in hangars around the Aerodrome. Truly, there is something for everyone.

Attendance at Natfly is free and all forums and workshops are free. There is even an entire program for the non-pilot ladies who are not the least interested in aircraft or flying.