This Saturday the 2nd of April will see the Aircraft Showcase – Jet Fighters take place here at the Temora Aviation Museum. The Gloster Meteor F.8 and the RAAF Sabre CA-27 will be showcased both on the ground and in the air. The feature film and Engineering Hangar tour are both scheduled along with activities for the kids and of course most of the aircraft collection will be available for inspection in the Display Hangar. The weather is forecast to be great – this is a perfect time of year for Airshows.

What a busy week here at Temora Aviation Museum. First thing on Monday morning, the students from St Annes Central School, here in Temora, became the first to experience our Education Program entitled Frontline Squadrons. This school excursion is aimed at fulfilling requirements for the World War II History curriculum for year 9 and 10. The group learned about life on the Homefront, training at an Elementary Flying Training School, the Hudson and its role in the Pacific Theatre and the Spitfire’s role in the European Theatre. Students stayed very busy participating in activities, hearing from Veterans and discussing issues and scenarios. From all reports the students enjoyed their visit very much – learning not only about World War II but the specific role of Australian aircraft, Squadrons, Pilots and Engineers. We thank the students of St Annes for participating and providing feedback to us. We anticipate formally rolling this program out and making it available to all schools in the coming weeks.

Monday afternoon saw the arrival of nearly sixty Vintage and Warbird aircraft from all over Australia. They were here to take part in the RAAF Air Pilgrimage to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of the Royal Australian Air Force. It was a truly spectacular sight to see such a wide variety of aircraft lined up along the flight line. The owners and pilots came together in the evening for a gala dinner in the Museum’s Display Hangar and from all reports a fun time was had by all. It wasn’t a late night though as the pilot briefing was set for 8am the next morning.

Tuesday was a beautiful day for flying. The sixty Pilgrimage aircraft began departing at 9am and Temora Aerodrome experienced a volume of flight movements rarely seen. Four aircraft from the Museum joined the Pilgrimage being the Hudson, Wirraway, Ryan and Spitfire Mk. VIII. The aircraft arrived at Tocumwal a few hours later where visitors, including many school children, were able to see these special aircraft and be treated to some great aerial displays.

Wednesday morning saw the Pilgrimage move on to Ballarat in Victoria where they will overnight and move on to Point Cook on Thursday March 31st 2011 – the 90th anniversary of the Royal Australian Air Force.

May 7th Aircraft Showcase – Forward Air Control
May 21st Aircraft Showcase – Pacific Theatre
June 4th Aircraft Showcase – Korea
June 18th Aircraft Showcase – World War II

November 19th Major Airshow